Amsat Italia

I got my first ham radio licence in 1980 at the age of 16 and,  since 1981 I was on the air as IW5BBH,  in 1990 I upgraded my  licence to IK5QLO.

I am mainly interested in space and weak signal communications, my favourite modes are CW and Digital.

I have been active on HF-   50Mhz (6Mts DXCC # 387)- 144Mhz - 432Mhz - 1296Mhz - 10Ghz bands and since 1983 on the Ham Radio Satellites from Amsat OSCAR-8 to  AO-40

Since 1989 I got interested in  E.M.E. (Earth - Moon - Earth) experiments, first on 144 Mhz and  since 1995 on 432 Mhz. Currently I am QRV EME on 1296Mhz.


   IK5QLO's Ham radio issues:

  73's de Andrea IK5QLO