Finally I managed to reach the high orbit, so from october 2003 I am operative over the international satellite OSCAR-40 with a simple setup. AO-40 surprised me for the excellent quality of signals on the 2.4Ghz downlink, making me to choose this mode as my favourite one.


My satellite setup: FT-847 main rig,  FT100 used a secondary RX for telemetry, AO40rcv , second Operator Daniele.

My new project: a 95x75cm EX-Meteosat dish. I covered it with fine mesh and built a new helix feed. Here with a AIDC 3033 converter plugged in

The dish with two operators of the IK5QLO:
Luca and Daniele

 2 and 1/4 turns helix feed, measured at -17db return loss


Welcome Back AO-40! :  The bird as  received with the old 65x50 cm BBQ dish  in Horizontal Polarization and AIDC 3733 converter 1st January 2004