This are the results obtained from the preamps described in the page before and others as they were measured during the 13° Italian Homemaders Meeting that  took Place in Orvieto
19th - 20th  September 1998.

JA4BLC 432Mhz FHX35LG   0.25 NF 24dB Gain (2nd) IK5QLO 432Mhz FHX35LG 0.36 NF 22.2 dB Gain (3rd)
IK5QLO  144Mhz FHX35LG 0.39NF 19.5 dB Gain I0FTG 144Mhz MGF2116  0.15NF 35.6 dB Gain !!! (1st)
I4CVC & I0FTG Tuning a 1296 Pre 0.5NF and 14 dB Gain IK5UBM (S.K.) 432Mhz MGF1302 0.47NF 17.9 dB Gain